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What Makes Us Different?

InstaLend Canada (Broker licence # 13139 A.F.G. Mortgages Inc) is in a unique position as we are not only a private mortgage lender ourselves but we also work with a large pool of private lenders in case your request doesn’t fit into our specific lending area or criteria. On top of that, we work with many of the best institutional lenders. Whether you’re looking for an institutional A or B side deal or a private first or second mortgage, we can help!! Residential or commercial mortgage, it doesn’t matter, we can help! Mixed-use or multi-unit, industrial or land, we can help!!

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Beyond Lending Services

InstaLend Canada (Broker licence # 13139 A.F.G. Mortgages Inc) can assist you with all of your financing needs. We are not just a lending company; our main goal is to educate our clients and to leave them in a better financial state than when they found us.

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At InstaLend Canada (Broker licence # 13139 A.F.G. Mortgages Inc), we understand that getting a mortgage can become overwhelming. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for you. For more information about our lending company and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us today!! We will be glad to walk you through our financing options and our mortgage application process.